High Pressure SurfaceCleaning

Surface cleaning of your drive, path, or patio can extend its life as well as keeping it looking good both at your home and commercial property. At Grey-Water Drainage using our latest and market leading high-pressure water jetting equipment we can also offer our customers an extensive range of surface cleaning services to complement our other surfaces.

By using our high-pressure water jetting equipment, we can also clean most surfaces without having to resort to applying harmful or corrosive chemicals. Whereever possible we will use just pressure jetting and, in some cases, a mild environmentally friendly cleaning material to clean your homes and businesses surfaces.

By using these methods and cleaning your surfacein a friendly but effective method we can clean surfaces as naturally and with as little harm to the surface and environment as possible.

Some of the commons surfaces we can clean are:

  • External Walls
    • Bin Sheds & Bins
  • Bin Chutes
    • Paving
    • Walkways
    • Stair Wells
    • Patios
    • Driveways

Grey-Water surface cleaning services are regularly use bydomestic and commercial customers and as always with customer focus andcompetitive pricesat the core of what we do. Regardless if your need is as a one-off service or a part of alonger-term maintenanceplan Grey-Water have all your needs covered.

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