High Pressure Drain Jetting/Descaling/Cleaning

High Pressure Drain Jetting is widely used across the Drainage industry for a wide variety of both residential and commercial uses and has been used since the 50’s.

Grey-Water Drainage use the latestHigh-Pressure Jettingequipment to help cut through almost all solid materials such as grease, wet wipes and fat, which still remain the most common cause of drain blockages, but is also capable of descaling, removing rust, paint, residues from chemicals and even rubble and concrete that can block drains too. High Pressure Water is forced to pass through the small hole or orifice of the chosen jet nozzle at high pressure, where the restriction of the small orifice results in a high-pressure water stream. Not only does this method breakdown the blockage but it also fully cleans the entire drain removing and, in most cases, eliminating issue totally. This is mainly done with just clean water but sometimes cleansing enzymes are used to degrease and sanitise the drain.

This method of using high-pressure water applied at the right level is very precise and effective method at removing any blockage that may have built up in your properties drain but can also be used to remove a build-up of scale and invasive tree roots.

Grey-Water Drainage recommend a regular High-Pressure service for our domestic and commercial clients, normally about twice a year would be seen as the optimum amount to make sure your drains are always in great working order and to avoid any emergency call outs, which can especially affect the smooth running of a commercial business e.g. a restaurant, bar or hotel.

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