Blocked Drains

At Grey-Water Drainage we offer you a swift and efficient drain unblocking service to all our customers throughout Medway, Kent, London & The South East whom have encountered internal or external drainage problems that must be resolved without a delay.

Blocked Drains in your home or at your business can cause severe disruption and have an impact on other areas of your home life or business operations such as being able to clean clothes, wash the dishes or enjoy a relaxing bath. At Grey-Water Drainage our full qualified team act quickly to minimise the time that you are inconvenienced and have your property fully functioning as soon as possible.

Symptoms of a Blocked Drains are:

  • Sink, bath or shower gurgling and not flowing correctly.
  • Washing machine waste water coming up in the bath or kitchen sink
  • Water is sitting in the garden
  • Can’t put washing machine on
  • Unpleasant sulphurous smells, indicating trapped and rotting waste
  • High rising sinks or toilets which may overflow

All blocked drains in any case, can cause disruptions and difficulties in your home and or business. We work to resolve these problems quickly and efficiently so you can go about your business as usual. Once you get in-touch a member from our team will visit your property. Here they will identify the cause of your sewage blockage and offer an insight into which method they think is best suited your needs and associated costs. At Grey-Water drainage our services are always professional and efficient and our team are always pleased to help out where they can. Protection Status